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Library of Flowers 2 Pc Forget Me Not Gift Set Ornament Shower Gel & Hand Cream

Brand: Library Of Flowers

Product Details:

Adorn your holidays with this adorably packaged Forget Me Not shower gel and hand creme ornament. Forget Me Not Hand creme is divinely creamy, sublimely scented and irresistibly soft. A sweet, silky joy is at hand! Specially crafted to dissolve quickly into skin, generous amounts of cocoa butter and extra-conditioning shea butter help deliver deep hydration to parched skin. A replenishing pick-me-up, restorative macadamia nut and healing avocado oil infuse this unique formula with superior soothing power. Forget Me Not Shower Gel is pure perfumed bliss. It helps transform dull skin with deep-cleansing extracts that replenish vital moisture as they purify. Steeped in hydrating shea butter, moisture-rich suds help restore and refresh. With jojoba oil and aloe leaf to help restore lost luster, it is the secret to irresistibly touchable skin.

  • Handcreme, 2-oz.
  • Shower Gel, 2-oz.
  • Top Note: Osmanthus
  • Middle Note: Rice Powder
  • Bottom Note: White Orchid