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Fizz & Bubble Bath Ball With Natural Oil Moisture your Skin 6.5 oz

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Brand: Fizz & Bubble 

Size: 6.5 oz. 

Bath & Body Works Ball Bombs High Quality.

  1. Rainbow Sherbet: Fizz & Bubble Artisan Bath Fizzy Rich in Natural Oils moisture your skin .This classic Rainbow Sherbet Artisan Bath Fizzy is a blissful escape to creaminess and sugary fruitiness that does wonders in softening the skin and adds some flavorful fun to your bubble bath.

      2. Oat / Milk Honey: Bask in the natural musk of tender honey, sweet milk and toasted oats. Perfect for any bath, any time of day, this Oatmeal, Milk & Honey Artisan Bath Fizzy nourishes your mind as well as your skin.         

      3. Spermint: Enjoy a calming, natural scent of clear eucalyptus leaves and minty spearmint. This Spearmint Eucalyptus Artisan Bath Fizzy is a dreamy bath bomb infused with essential oils and is sure to clear up and moisturize your skin.

      4. This Birthday Cake Artisan Bath Fizzy is a sprinkled dream wrapped up in an exfoliating me-time treat for the skin and senses. Next time you're reaching for that cake, enjoy this party in your tub instead with all the benefits of healthy, glowing skin