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Essie Serene Slate Collection Nail Polish 3 Full + 3 Mini Sizes

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Brand: essie

Product Details:


  • Limited Edition 6-piece Kit: 3 full size & 3 Mini Bottles
  • Serene Collection of Gray, Metallic, & Neutral polishes
  • Collection Will Inspire You to Pause & Take a Moment of Mani Mindfulness


    • Toned Down: a relaxing, subdued steel gray cream nail polish with smoky cobalt undertones (cream)
    • Wire-less is More: cut the cord and unplug in a liberating dusky rose quartz pink nail polish (pearl)
    • Gadget-free: let it go and unplug – this gunmetal gray metallic nail polish has us recharging on life (metallic)
    • Full Size:

      • Serene Slate: this softened stone nickel gray nail polish has us achieving a new level of consciousness (cream)
      • Mind-full Meditation: this dusky apricot beige nude nail polish has us contemplating its beauty (cream)
      • On Mute: peace out and find a quiet moment in this hushed charcoal gray nail polish (cream)

  • Essie New Serene Slate Collection 3 Full Size + 3 Mini Nail Lacquers 6 pieces:

    (1) Serene Slate .46 FL oz.                    (1). Toned Down   .16 FL       

    (1) On Mute .46 FL 0z.,                        (1).  Wire - Less is more  .16 FL           

    (1) Mind-Full Meditation .46 Fl oz.      (1).  Gadget - Free  .16 FL

  • Description: 

    Say goodbye to the screen-age dream and get back to a more beautiful reality with the Essie Serene Slate collection when you understand that wire-less is more, you are able to be present in the moment and unwind. with mind-full meditation as the name of the game, take time to cause & reflect, a mental recharge is good for the soul when it’s all toned down. so as you go gadget-free, indulge in our serene slate collection for those mindful many