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Artis BrushCarft Makeup Brush

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Brand: artis

Color: Black

Product Details:

BushCraft Brushes are made with gentle, animal-free, man-made fibres which deliver
superior application and blending effects.

Made with NuFibre

- Circle 1R Makeup Brush

The Circle 1R Brush is great for lid crease shading, spot application, focused blending, focused concealer, soft lip colour.

- Linear 1 Makeup Brush

The Linear 1 Brush is great for creating thin line shapes for applying eye liner, brow defining, lip defining, lid crease defining.

- Oval 3 Makeup Brush
The Oval 3 Brush is great for applying eye shadow, concealer, focused contour and highlights.

- Oval 6 Makeup Brush

The Oval 6 Brush is great for applying foundation, blush, highlight, contour, and eyelid